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Browse Our Stock

We've individually photographed hundreds of select hides so you can order the EXACT hide pictured.

Brown and White (49)

Brindle Cowhides (38)

Light and White (27)

Hereford Cowhides (10)

Black and White (66)

Shades of Black (5)

Shades of Brown (15)

Mahogany Cowhides (2)

Shades of Gray (6)

Speckled Hides (28)

Tri-Colored Hides (41)

Dyed and Stenciled (55)

Clearance Cowhides (92)

Browse All Hides (315)

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Find your style, add your comments, and we'll match you with your perfect cowhide from thousands of in-stock hides that aren't photographed

Premium Cowhides (87)

Value-Line Cowhides (28)

Safari Collection (24)

Deco! Dyed Hides (35)

Studio Collection (16)

In-Stock Patchwork Rugs

Get the EXACT rug pictured - ready to ship today
Sale: $239.00
Sale: $239.00
Sale: $630.00
Sale: $2,399.00
Sale: $692.00

In-Stock Round Star Cowhide Rugs

Western Style Area Rugs
Sale: $239.00
Sale: $119.00
Sale: $119.00
Sale: $239.00
Sale: $239.00

Custom Patchwork Collections

Precision Laser cut designs in unlimited sizes and colors

Natural Patchwork Rugs (193)

Patchwork Runners (149)

Round Patchwork Rugs (28)

Deco! Dyed Rugs (57)

Framed Patchwork Designs (42)

Pattern Designs (84)

Safari Collection Patchwork (16)

Shape designs (83)

Signature Series (27)

Solid Colors (23)

In-Stock Miniature Cowhides

Small Hides Measuring Approximately 6 to 7 Square Feet
Sale: $129.00
Sale: $109.00
Sale: $109.00
Sale: $109.00
Sale: $129.00

In-Stock Cowhide Throw Pillows

Offerstuffed Premium Cowhide Leather Pillows
Sale: $59.00
Sale: $69.00
Sale: $59.00
Sale: $69.00
Sale: $79.00

Cowhide Home Decor

Great items to complement your cowhide theme
Sale: $146.00
Sale: $35.00
Sale: $204.00
Sale: $160.00
Sale: $35.00
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