Barb DeVeer - About the Artist and the Work

From her home-based studio near Missoula, Montana Barb DeVeer designs and hand craft this line of fused glass jewelry. The Process of kiln-firing glass is an ancient technique that is enjoying a resurgence in the fine arts and crafts movement today. To make her earrings, the artist hand cuts, assembles, and fuses a variety of colors and types of sheet glass. Sometimes she adds a hand-etched or individually shaped copper wire component between the pieces of glass before fusing. The earrings are heated to between 1400 and 1600 degrees farenheit where they tack together or blend into one shape. After being allowed to cool slowly, Barb hand fashions the findings with sterling wire or adds sterling silver ear wires.

Color is the key! The magic that occurs when light plays on colored glass is what drew Barb to working in glass versus the metal she was trained to manipulate in the jewelry design program at F.I.T in New York  After being sidetracked from art altogether and working as a registered nurse, Barb rediscovered her love for jewelry design while enjoying the peace of country life in Montana.

During the designing, Barb DeVeer was inspired by the Chinese art of Feng Shui. It fit with her sense that there were other avenues of wellness that included positive thought and the movement of energy. She borrowed the part of Feng Shui that uses different colors to enhance eight different areas of life: Knowledge and Self-cultivation, Family and Health, Wealth and Prosperity, Fame and Reputation, Love and Marriage, Children and Creativity, Helpful People and Travel, and Career. Depending on the color or colors of the earrings, they are intended to enhance one of these eight areas of life. The earrings come on card stock with a brief description of the Feng Shui inspiration and the name of the area they enhance.

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