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Southwest Kiva Log Ladders

Southwest Kiva Log Ladders

New! Choose from two types of these traditional southwest decorative ladders:

Our Exclusive Brand New Line of Premium Art Crafted Kiva Ladders Made in Arizona

Each is hand crafted in Tucson, Arizona, in the heart of the Southwest. Organic rough-surface wooden lodge poles are crafted into a beautiful decorative ladder. Each is given a rich finish topped off with a clear lacquer and and decorative rawhide leather bindings. Available in sizes from 2 feet to 5 1/2 feet tall.

Our Authentic Primitive Rough-Carved Kiva Ladders

Each is hand crafted in North America with hand carved wood logs and decorative rawhide leather bindings. Rough construction gives them an authentic, primitive appearance. They can be displayed indoors or out. There is no finish so they will weather nicely outdoors.

Versatile and Unique

No matter which one you choose, each of our authentic rustic wooden blanket ladders are a versatile decor piece with dozens of uses. They make a wonderful display piece alone, and can also used as blanket ladders to display blankets, quilts and rugs. Or use in the bathroom as a rustic wooden towel rack.

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