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Legend of The Circle of Friends

Legend of The Circle of Friends


Legend of the Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends is a candle holder with a legend still shrouded in great mystery. It is said that when you give the candle holder to a friend, that it will solidify your bond with that person for the rest of your lives. The interlocked arms of the figures are meant to be symbolic of the bond shared between close friends.

Mayan Indian legend is where the Circle of Friends story originates. The clay candle holders that have made it to modern times are based on ancient groups celebrating around actual bonfires; dancing and sharing stories of each other's good qualities and becoming closer to one another. Our Circle of Friends candle holder pottery ranges from 3 to 7 people and come in a variety of muted, earthy tones. While some others are made with modern materials, those from Sunland Home Decor are only made with clay similar to those of ancient times.

The mood created by this unique art piece is that of warmth and friendship. When a tealight or votive candle is placed in the center it casts shadows around the room that appear to dance along with the flame.


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