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Southwest Decorating 101: Kiva Ladders

Southwest Decorating 101: Kiva Ladders

Series: Essentials for A Southwestern Décor Theme

The Kiva Log Ladder

The primitive kiva ladder was used by ancient Southwest cliff-dwelling civilizations for connecting the levels of their living spaces. In modern times, these ladders have become staples of the Southwestern Lodge style of home décor.

The original ladders were made from carved straight wood logs. Strips of wet rawhide were used to secure the rungs to the legs. The ladders would then be placed in the sun, where the rawhide bindings would dry and shrink to create a sturdy ladder.

Kiva Ladders as Southwestern Décor

Today, we replicate the original ladders strictly for decorative use. They are crafted the same way, except the rungs and legs are secured with hidden screws and then accented with rawhide bindings.

This versatile kiva ladder can be displayed on its own against an interior wall. Or it can can make an original decorative statement outside the home leaning next to the front door.

Blanket and Linen Display

Blankets and throws are nicely displayed on a rustic wooden kiva ladder. Colorful Mexican serapes or Southwestern woven throw rugs look amazing draped over each rung. This make a vibrant décor statement with the added effect of softening acoustics in rooms with tile floors.

Another great idea is to use our fully finished premium ladders to display towels in the bathroom. Just drape washcloths along with hand and bath towels over each rung.

Premium Art-Crafted Kiva Ladders by Sunland Artisans

Sunland Artisans has mastered the original craft of ladder making. And we've added a decorative twist of color. While keeping just amount of rustic roughness on the surface for authenticity, we've imporved upon the original rough-carved method. The result are exclusive fully finished ladders in a great selection of sizes and colors to fit the size and aesthetic of your space.

Decorative Use Only

Of course, we shouldn't have to mention this, but we better (just in case)... These ladders are for decorative use only and are not to be used as a functioning ladder. With that in mind, please browse or latest collection below:


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