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Small 1.5-Quart Glass Swear Jar with Metal Base in Rust Patina

Made to Order in 5-7 business days
Cold Nose Creations™ of Arizona brings you our original Curse Word Symbols Rust Small 1.5-Quart Glass Swear Jar with Rust Metal Base. This clever swear jar consists of a sturdy metal base with curse word symbols finished in a rust patina with a semi-gloss clear coat. The metal base accommodates a 2-quart jar that holds plenty of cash for even the most potty-mouthed households. The sturdy glass canister has silicone rings with a snug fitting glass lid that creates an airtight seal just incase you want to use it for coffee beans, food, or whatever the #@%! you want. The removable glass jar and lid is dishwasher safe for easily cleaning.