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We're extremely persnickety about quality. Each of these cowhide rugs has been individually inspected and graded. Those that don't make the cut are not offered for sale. Those that meet our high standards are given one of three quality grades. All of our hides, including our Value Line grade, are guaranteed to be better than any hide sold elsewhere or we'll pay for you to send it back to us.

Each Cowhide is Inspected and Graded...

Value-Line (Good Quality): Our Value-Line hides may have some light scarring, slightly visible blemishes, or an asymmetrical shape. Other retailers offer these as "premium" hides.
Premium (Excellent Quality): Our best-selling designer quality Premium grade hides have great shapes and virtually no noticeable flaws. Each is personally inspected by our Cowhide Specialists.
Five Star (Exceptional Quality): Our Five-Star designer quality cowhides are the finest hides available. These near-perfect cowhides have excellent shapes and no undesirable characteristics.

Each individually photographed hide in the Browse Our Stock category has been inspected and graded with our trade-mark Value Line, Premium, or Five Star grade. Any and all imperfections and special characteristics are noted in each One-of-a-Kind hide's description. Other hide retailers use disclaimers saying that imperfections are common, then send you a flawed hide when you order what they call "premium". We're different. You'll know exactly what you're getting, and if you're still not satisfied, we'll pay to ship it back. That's The Cowhide Store difference.

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